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AT SONAL FURNITURE, CUSTOM DRAPERIES & HOME DECOR. I can say with proud the only ONE STOP SHOP HOME DÉCOR to suit the Indian Taste and style by National level designers with MIDA’s TOUCH to make your house a home, a lovable home, a talk of town you can be proud of.In 100,000 sft showrooms in Global Mall Atlanta and in Macon, Georgia Sonal Furniture carries the unique royal furniture that can be seen at no other furniture chains in the United States of America.The Owners Mr Shyam Garg who has a passion for rich taste and style accompanied by his business partner Ms Lynn Gunter  who come and deliver the furniture, design and decorate your home personally ( for no designers fee) and don’t call quits until you certify your home to be the best to your taste and are fully satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction is the Mission. A happy customer is the best referral. No size home or no distance with 48 states in the USA is a limitation for them to come and decorate your home.  They are a call away. Give them the keys of a builders constructed home and then they make you move in. ( A turn key operation). You just need to bring your apparels and jewellery. They jewel the house all the way.  Mr Garg and Ms Lynn travel all over the country ( Nationwide) to decorate homes of people who after working very hard in this beautiful country want to live in a regal way.A visit to their gallery of Decorated homes will leave you in awe and amazement.

After stints living in India, west Germany, Zambia, San Franciso, and New York Shyam Garg finally found a final place to Live in the beautiful State of Georgia where in the City of Macon He has a palacial home of 22000 sft on 5 acres lot And his 40000 sft ware house and showroom on a seven acre lot with the greatest display of furniture and accessories not available any where. But to be amidst the charm and luster of the beautiful city Atlanta and serve the large segment of Indian population opened a grand showroom in the every prestigious Global Mall the must visiting place of every Indian coming to this beautiful city of Atlanta. Mr Shyam Garg has been in the furniture business for a long time.  They also manufacture custom Royal funiture & Area rugs.Sales, human relationship, and taste for Style is passion of Mr Garg. He is a CPA by profession and also has Law degree but loves to interact and charm the people around him by his immense trasure of Urdu Shayaries and belly twisting jokes.

You wont find Sonal furniture and Custom draperies on a thouroughfare or in a busy mall but they are discreetly located in the beautiful Global Mall in Norcross, Atlanta where they have 20000 sft of grandeur furniture in two showrooms on the ground floor in the great company of the best banquat facility AASHIANA the known name for delectable food in the town.  In the two showrooms Sonal furniture has breathtaking furniture YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. You will be  spellbound by each and group of Italian teak furniture in silk fabric a rarety not found any where else nationally.

For custom draperies the highly acclaimed designer, partner Ms Lynn Gunter goes to peoples homes and gives them a free quote and layout on draperies with the choicest fabric and designs to suit the style of home including the lavish furniture, matching rugs and accessories and chandeliers if needed. Sonal Furniture can proud say to have served their customers to the best of ability  to the  best satisfaction of  their patrons.Ms Lynn Gunter loves to decorate the home with gusto and puts in her heart to bring the best beauty of the home where customer become her fans and refer them to any one they know in the market for decorating or remodeling their home.

One touch of Ms Lynn transforms the house into a awesome view you want to fall in love with. Ms Lynn Gunter comes from a family of high taste with her late father being the Vice President of Phillipines then late President Marcos time and her husband a Sub Marine one star General. She shares and distributes all her rich regal knowledge and experience in the customers homes while decorating their homes and bring out a unique non comparable mesmerizing touch.  Majority of customers of Sonal furniture are from referrals which testifies the quality of satisfaction of work Mr Shyam Garg & Ms Lynn provide.

Shyam Garg has been in this business for last several years and and a very commendable background. He is priviledged father of two beautiful daughters one of whom Sonali Garg Esq., is a very bright attorney who Solo practices Criminal and Civil Law in Clayton County in Atlanta, Georgia. The other daughter Dr. Monisha Garg is a Nephrologist at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.The medicine is another field of embrace & interest of the Mr Garg’s family as his wife Dr Sucheta Garg is an Emergency Room physician, Brothers Dr. Ram S. Garg a renowned Neurologist & Kamal Garg & his wife also a family physician  in  Detroit, Michigan.

While thanking to the Lord for all His grace for  a bright and blessed family and a Niche business of  speciality Home Décor business Mr Garg loves spirituality and philanthrophy as his basic strength and talks authoritatively on Indian scriptures including Bhagwat Gita ( He has memorized) and Ramayana he adores as his daily breath and guide in every walk of life.With this deep faith Mr Shyam Garg has kept the Mission of Sonal furniture as “Service to mankind” in serving their customers with dedication and full satisfaction SO DON’T MISS OUT  and meet the great team of Shyam Garg and Lynn Gunter  at SONAL FURNITURE & CUSTOM DRAPERIES AT THE GLOBAL MALL, IN ATLANTA OR CALL THEM TO COME TO YOUR PLACE FOR  A FREE QUOTE ( Shyam Garg ( 478) 361-5558 or Ms. Lynn Gunter (770) 584-9094. They are wonderful human beings and the best team nationally to decorate your loved home to your best taste with a combination of  ITALIAN AND INDIAN FURNITURE and simply wonderful AND CUSTOM DRAPERIES YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.



What We Do

We design and decorate complete homes with custom drapes, Italian Design Furniture, Indonesian and custom made teak wood hand carved furniture,        (Basically 100,000 sft of furniture you have never seen before) Chandeliers, All wool and silk rugs and runners, flowers, theatre room, accent pieces and whatever under the sun is need to beautify a home regally to match with your taste. Kindly visit our gallery of  “Decorated Homes” the latest “Macon”, Atlanta”                 “ Stamford Home” and “Milford”  on the Home page and many more from the menu.

We give  free quote and free deliveries for full home projects. We don't charge for designing and decorating A package deal, Wholesale prices on rare Italian Design Furniture, manufacturing prices on rugs, Curtains and draperies on cost plus 50 % labor ( as against market rate of 100% labor to material)   installation of chandeliers, custom flowers and whatever is needed to make house a beautiful home Then We custom make furniture too . We have threes showrooms in Atlanta and Macon, GA. Call at 478-361-5558.

Come by and visit us to look at the furniture personally. That will give you confidence in us and out merchandise. Then once you have come and seen what we have and what you like then we can come and give you a free quote or our trip could precede your trip.

No commitments until you order.  These furniture items are well guaranteed and are of the highest order, made of teak wood, hand carved, and are regal. They are custom made and you will be proud of their possession.

Kindly give me a call to make an appointment you to visit here/there.



Shyam Garg:


Custom items

Order to delivery 90 to 120 days

Deposit 50 %


Stock items

Delivery 2 weeks

100% payment in advance


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